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acne light therapy

Acne light therapy is a new step forward in the treatment of a condition that makes life unbearable for so many of our young people. Unless you have suffered the indignity and self-esteem shattering impact of this dreadful condition, it is hard to imagine what sufferers have to endure. Whilst acne is neither painful, nor life threatening, it is a condition that nonetheless ruins lives. It sets sufferers apart from ordinary people by the very ugliness of its appearance, transforming facial skin into a seemingly pock ridden mass of flesh. acne light therapy

Acne tends to be more common amongst juveniles, especially those of the age of puberty. As young people develop in their sexual selves, the sex hormone androgen is in much more prolific evidence in their bodies than at any other time in life. In some youngsters this surfeit of androgen triggers an increased release of a naturally occurring body made chemical called sebum. It is our sebaceous glands that are responsible for secreting sebum. Under normal circumstances, sebum is a necessary part of our human body function, and it serves to moisten our skins and our hair. All mammals, including human beings have these sebaceous glands, which are to be found all over our bodies, wherever we have fine hair. It is the sebaceous glands, (when they produce vastly increased amounts of androgen), that are responsible for an onset of acne, a condition that can ultimately lead to the formation of acne scar tissue. Acne does not attack your body's general health. In all aspects other than your physical appearance, you will feel perfectly healthy. Acne tends to affect people in a mental rather than physical way. Because acne can make you look quite ugly, it has a very negative impact on your self-esteem, and your self-consciousness too.

Acne products

There are a great many different remedies on the market, and different people report different results from the multitude of products that can be bought over the counter of your local drug store or supermarket. The problem with most of these treatments is that they take time, and when you are constantly feeling low and depressed, time is something that you simply don't want to wait for. This is one of the main reasons that acne light therapy is rapidly becoming the first choice remedy for so many people. So-called blue acne therapy light is produced by LEDs, or Light Emitting Diodes. LEDs produce a really intense form of light. They use very little by way of power, and they don't generate heat. The blue light that acne light treatment generates operates at a specific bandwidth of light that is known to be able to kill off the harmful bacteria that contribute to the spread of the condition.

How acne light therapy works

Acne light therapy works by actually drying out the sebaceous glands that have become saturated with sebum. For mild doses of acne, light therapy clears the condition within two weeks. The more severe cases will take longer, but the treatment is perfectly safe, as well as being very effective. By using it regularly, especially at the outset of an outbreak of acne, you will greatly reduce the likelihood of acne scar tissue from forming.

This new and exciting treatment is proven to work, and many people who have tried all other sorts of remedies that have failed, are praising this new therapy as being their savior.

acne light therapy

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