Sleep Deprivation vs. Marriage and Sex-Is there a connection?

Can sleep deprivation cause problems in your married life? Here are some statistics that may get your attention.

**One in five married couple has sex ten times per year.

**One in five married couple has sex just.83 times per month.

sleep deprivation

**Studies indicated that sexless marriages are related, on the behavioral side, to lack of effective communication, loss of self- esteem, work habits,and having a busy lifestyle.

**Studies indicate that sexless marriage are related, on the physical side to age, illness, and lack of sex drive and sleep deprivation. Sleep Deprivation A recent study by “The National Health and Social life Survey” indicated that 2% of married couple in divorce cases had no sex over an extended period of time and that one partner suffered sleep apnea.

Research suggests that this problem is a major part of the problem in married life. People are always tired and try to do too much in a short period of time. Without proper rest, affection and vigorous sex take a back seat to ones busy schedule/busy life.

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    Some sleep experts suggest that one should write a diary/journal of everything that they do during the day right up to bedtime. For example, ‚"out of bed at 5:30am-still tired"; "did not eat breakfast, am running late", "traffic jam-I am running late" etc. Moreover, all times should be included. Then take this journal to your sleep specialist.

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