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News Flash! Don’t think that you are the only person suffering from hemorrhoids. Please note the latest statistics on this aliment:

1. 89% of all Americans suffer from some form of hemorrhoids

2. 2/3 of people reporting for physical examinations have hemorrhoids

3. 3.3 million Americans seek treatment for hemorrhoids every year

4. 50% of all Americans suffer from hemorrhoids Welcome to this module that is dedicated to helping you find a solution to this common, but painful aliment.

Just remember, “Knowledge is Power”. The more you know about this aliment the better you are able to solve the problem. Keep reading.

As always if you have a serious case of hemorrhoids then you should see your proctologist, a medical doctor who specializes in diseases of the colon, rectum, and anus, as soon as possible. Want to learn more about hemorrhoids? Do you want to know more about hemorrhoid treatments? Check out these articles below by clicking on the links.

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