Bleeding Hemorrhoids

by Barb Z. Green

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Hemorrhoid Freedom

Treatment for Bleeding Hemorrhoids in general

Treatment for bleeding hemorrhoids is sometimes very painful and one can suffer, but do not become stressed out, because you are actually one of the millions of people who are suffering this condition in silence. Given the uncomfortable and debilitating symptoms of hemorrhoids, it can easily affect your daily life and ability to work. It is never too late to find treatment and end your silent struggle with this condition. To prevent it from progressing into more serious disease, treatment for bleeding hemorrhoids must begin promptly.

Treatment for Bleeding Hemorrhoids includes an examination by a proctologist

Every patient needs to be evaluated by a physician to be advised on the proper treatment for bleeding hemorrhoids. Since this condition is exhibited by the release of fresh blood externally or internally, it usually put the patients into scary and unnerving experiences. Most patients even observe having blood on their stools, especially when passing hard stools due to constipation. Not only is it painful, it can easily cause a lot of inconvenience as well as embarrassment on the part of its sufferers. Although this condition rarely cause anemia, bleeding hemorrhoids might disguise the symptoms of other more serious health problems like colon or rectal cancer, and prevent the patient from undergoing prompt and more appropriate treatment.

Treatment for Bleeding Hemorrhoids the solution

Treatments for bleeding hemorrhoids are actually simple. You may initially be instructed by your physician to use over-the-counter medications like hydrocortisone creams to reduce itching, swelling and other discomforts of the external hemorrhoids. Patients who want to go all-natural for their treatment for bleeding hemorrhoids may try doing simple home remedies like using herbs, drinking more water and eating more fruits, vegetables, whole grain and other high-fiber foods.

However, if simple remedies fail to work, the treatment for bleeding hemorrhoids may involve sutures or surgically cutting off anal tissues that supply blood over the affected area. Laser surgery may also be performed to cauterize the blood vessels and stop the bleeding. Compared to sutures and conventional surgery, laser surgery has lesser risk of infection.

Barb Green

Treatment for Bleeding Hemorrhoids

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Oct 08, 2010
Bleeding Hemorrhoids
by: Anonymous

Hi Barb,

Your knowledge about hemorrhoids really helps.I have had this problem for many years.
I guess it is time to see the doctor.


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