Does Thick Waist Promote diabetes?

Thick waist affects two-thirds of all Americans who are either overweight or obese. Moreover, nearly eighteen percent of adolescents are now obese facing a lifetime of diabetes, heart disease and related aliments. This means that many Americans will pay a higher premium for their healthcare. Doctors have long known that medical bills would be higher for this large group of Americans.

Over weight American men have diabetes at a rate of sixteen percent more as compared to British men who have a rate of eleven percent.

thick waist

TeenSlim is formulated to assist teenagers to maintain healthy weight goals, as well as cleanse the system, thereby preventing skin breakouts and boosting energy levels. Over weight American women have diabetes at a rate of fourteen percent more as compared to British women who have a rate of seven percent.

The comparisons included the conventional risk factors such as age, smoking socioeconomic status and body mass index (BMI). BMI is calculation of height and weight used to estimate body fat. If you want to know your BMI as it relates to obesity click the link. You can calculate your body fat and see if you are obese. There are tables on this site that will tell you where you stand. Rand Researchers also found that American men have a waist size that is one inch larger, when compared to British men. American women have a waist size that is two inches larger, when compared to British women.

The bottom line is that Americans are bigger around the waist because they eat more food and they do not exercise on a continuous basis. Those who diet tend to gain their weight back after a short time. Another factor is that Americans are stressed out and food becomes a de-stressor. More Americans live to eat rather than eat to live.

Many research studies have shown that belly fat has a relationship to dynamic chemical changes that can lead to diabetes. Hence, thick waist does promote diabetes.

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The Rand Researchers suggest that more research needs to be conducted using thick waist as the main risk factor causing diabetes.

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