My Catheter Nightmare-How to deal with prostate surgery(ies).

by Al

I had two prostate surgeries. That means one has to wear a catheter for approximately two weeks give or take a day and depending on your urologist. The first prostate surgery made me sick. Let me explain. I was put to sleep(deep) by the anesthesiologist. When I awoke I was very hungry , as this surgery was at the end of the day. The following are lessons learned from this prostate surgery procedure:

1. Get your prostate surgery early in the morning
2. Make sure you have an experienced urologist
3. Take the pain and bladder medication
4. Drink no alcohol
5. Drink gallons of water
6. Empty your catheter bag before going to bed
7. Secure the catheter bag opening to avoid an accident when you are asleep
8. Eat lightly after the surgery-let your body wake up
9. Call your doctor if the fluid in the catheter bag does not clear up in a few days
10. Don't strain when making a bowel movement
11. Take a stool softener a few days before your surgery
12. Stay cool and take it easy for a few days, if not the catheter can irritate your penis
13. Don't have sex right after catheter removal-give yourself time to completely heal

I had a second prostate surgery because the tissue inside of me(prostate area) started to grow back and block my urine flow. I think it was because of latex. I am allergic to latex, but I did not tell my doctor. Note: Tell your doctor about your condition!

Ask your urologist about the complications of prostate surgery before the surgery. Moreover, do your due diligence and research thoroughly. There are medications for BPH(enlarger prostate) such as "Flow Max" and "Alfuzosin HCL","Tamsulosin HCL","Doxazosin mesylate","Terazosin HCL","Finasteride(Proscar)", and "Dutasteride(Avodart)".

I did not want to take drugs because of long effects on my body.

I hope this helps you.
Note: The above is my personal experience with prostate surgery. See your experienced urologist and discuss the issues of prostate surgery.

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